Skillful, Strategic Defence For Drug Charges

If you've been charged with a drug crime, you're up against a tough criminal justice system. Your prosecutors are not ordinary lawyers. They're specially trained federal crown attorneys focused exclusively on drug crimes.

To fight a successful defence, you need a lawyer with skill and experience in this particular area of criminal law. My name is David Oake, and I want to fight for you. At my firm, Oakelaw, I understand what you have at stake. My job is to use intelligence and strategy to defend you against a conviction — and the lifelong consequences that come with it.

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Did Police Violate Your Rights?

While investigating drug crimes, it's not uncommon for police to overstep their authority. This can happen if they use illegal ways to obtain evidence. Did the police search you or seize your property without proper reason? Even if they had a search warrant, did it have a valid basis? Were you set up?

The answers to such questions may uncover important defences for your case. They could mean that certain evidence cannot be used against you — or that your charges may be dropped altogether. If these defences exist in your case, I can find them and use them to fight your case.

Defence For a Range Of Drugs Charges

Other defences may exist within the evidence that police have gathered. Every case is unique, and I use years of experience to assemble a customized defence. Whatever drug charge you face, I can help, including:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug production
  • Prescription drug crimes

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