Immediate Legal Help For Bail Hearings

If you're facing a bail hearing, you need to act fast. My name is David Oake, Barrister, and I've been helping clients fight criminal charges since 2005. Once you are in police custody, there is much at stake. I want to help you get released so that you can return to your normal routine.

If you or a loved one is in custody, do not wait. Call my firm, Oakelaw, for help immediately at 416.525.2222.

Fighting For Your Freedom

As a lawyer, I have over 12 years of experience — all dedicated to criminal defence. I've fought criminal charges of all kinds and have guided hundreds of clients through the justice system.

If you're facing a bail hearing, your freedom depends on having an effective defence. Without one, you'll be detained in jail as your case moves through the criminal justice system. I can act quickly, analyze the facts and then represent your interests at the bail hearing.

Negotiating Your Release Terms

Even if you are granted bail, your release will come with conditions. If these conditions are too restrictive, you could inadvertently overstep them and lose your freedom again.

Part of my job is to assess the terms of your bail and ensure that they are reasonable. I will help you understand what they involve and how to keep within them.

Afterward, I can help you understand your charges, what you're up against and also outline a plan of action.

Call Right Now To Discuss Your Bail Hearing

If you're in custody, get professional legal help immediately. I am available 24-7 to help with bail hearings. Send me a quick email or call me at 416.525.2222 for a free consultation.