Fighting Domestic Assault Charges — No Matter How Complex

Even without a conviction, simply being charged with domestic assault has immediate consequences. Ontario has a zero tolerance policy for domestic violence. The moment police are called, they are obligated to make an arrest. If you've been charged, you'll be taken into custody — whether the allegations are true or not.

At times like these, you need immediate help from a skilled lawyer. My name is David Oake, Barrister, and I help clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area. I will give you a solid defence, and it starts with a free consultation.

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Even If The Allegations Are False, You Need Experienced Legal Representation

Innocent people get charged all the time — and it's especially common for domestic violence. Some allegations have no basis at all, but may be used as leverage in bitter divorce cases or as a means of revenge in a troubled relationship.

Whatever the context of your charge, I can analyze the fine details and scour the evidence against you. My goal is to protect you against the many lifelong consequences of a conviction. This includes helping you:

  • Ensure that your bail or release conditions are reasonable
  • Explore options such as a peace bond deal
  • Avoid a criminal record
  • Find out if the authorities violated your constitutional rights

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