About David Oake — Criminal Defence Lawyer

My name is David Oake, and I've been fighting criminal law cases in the Greater Toronto Area at my firm, Oakelaw, since 2005. Over the years, I've seen plenty of innocent people charged with crimes they didn't commit. Practising law is my way of putting justice within reach of the most vulnerable — those who don't know the system, and are in dire need of skillful legal representation.

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Every Case Is Unique, Every Client Different

After fighting hundreds of charges, I know that no two cases are identical, and no two clients have the same needs. No one should feel that their case is hopeless.

Some cases are more straightforward. Others are more complex. Some clients are new to the criminal justice system and don't know how badly a conviction could impact their lives. Others want to avoid adding to an existing record. All of them have much at stake — jobs, families, homes.

Whatever the charge, my job is to step in as a strong advocate and defender for my clients, their interests and their rights.

Guiding My Clients Through A Difficult Time

Being charged with a crime is devastating. The embarrassment and humiliation can be very hard to take. Dealing with authorities and being marched through the system leaves many of my clients feeling stripped of their dignity.

I understand the stress and turmoil that each of my clients are going through. Whatever the charge, I believe that every person deserves respectful treatment. I take the time to put my clients at ease and help keep them in a positive mental space. Yet I fight each case with strength, intelligence and passion.

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